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Gustamps often have special stamp offers available at little or no cost. Here Gustamps list some of these Gustamps special stamp offers, which are available now.  

Reference: Gustamps 743 KGVI Victory - Great Britain 1946, King George VI, Victory set, commemorating the end of World War II. Offered in unmounted mint superb condition. Not for sale, but free of charge on request quoting reference number 743 KGVI Victory.

Gustamps Specialist Stamp Perforation Gauge - This is vital for stamp collectors to determine the perforation size on stamps. Stamp collectors should be aware that perforation size can greatly affect the market price value and catalogue value of stamps. Gustamps perforation gauge can enable you to do this. The Gustamps perforation gauge can be obtained from Gustamps on request and completely free of charge. No purchase is necessary from Gustamps to qualify for this offer.